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ABLEvision 800R

8 port ATSC QAM to QAM Transcoder


ABLEvision 800R - 8 port  ATSC/QAM to QAM Transcoder is the lowest cost/port in the industry.  The standalone solution is housed in a mini-chassis and provides a highly affordable solution for HD broadcast VSB to QAM or Clear QAM to QAM.  The 800R failover mode capability prevents “PANIC REPAIRS” by designating lower priority channels to an active and/or standby channel block.  In the event of a failure, this block will take the priority channel configuration.  Operators can schedule failed module replacement at their convenience.

ABLEvision 32N

32 port A/V Mpeg Encoder Multiplexer to QAM Transcoder


ABLEvision 32N - 32port A/V Mpeg Encoder Muliplexer to QAM Transcoder is also housed in a mini-chassis allowing operators to completely convert to digital from their existing composite A/V signals (NTSC/PAL). In addition, operators can migrate their end-users to digital slowly by retaining their analog modulators and broadcasting both digital and analog from their A/V sources.  The 32N converts headend quality signals to 4 agile QAM channels (FEC enabled) with 8 SD programs/channel.  A mere 24MHz bandwidth provides the same SD programs as the current 192MHz analog programs occupy.  The ABLEvision 32N can free up 168MHz of spectrum space moving to digital.  ABLE is already working on what to fill it with next.

ABLEvision 3200 Universal QAM Transcoder is capable of up to 32 QAM output channels in a single 2u rack-mount package. It is equipped with redundant power supplies and a 4-line 18 character LCD for local setup and diagnostics. The 3200 supports a web UI for configuration and monitoring, as well as secure remote access for configuration, failure reporting and troubleshooting. The ABLEvision 3200 is capable of providing 32 HD ATSC/QAM channels using four of the 800R modules (32 QAM output channels) or 128 SD programs using 4 of the 32N modules (16 QAM output channels). Any combination of modules fitting the operator’s needs can be accommodated.

ABLEvision 3200

Universal QAM Transcoder